Sending New and Used Items
in One Package

When sending new and used items in one package a declaration form is used together with the invoices of the new items. The declaration form should declare BOTH the used and new items. (For years of usage for the new items fill in  '"New"). Make sure to attach the invoices of the new items to the form and not to put it in the package. The declaration form includes your name, address, citizenship, and ALL the items in the package. (For convenience items may be categorised). You will need to fill out the product description, estimated value, quantity and years of use. For years of usage for the new items fill in  '"New".

A package valued above $75 is charged a tax of 17%  by the Israeli tax authorities. In such an event, an Isareli citizen will need to provide a Teudat Zehut number and a non Israeli will need to provide a picture of the passport of the declarant above the age of 18.


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