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Common Questions

Chaviles delivers to anyone in any location in Israel. Family, business, or institution – we reach them wherever they are.

According to Customs Laws, any person is entitled to purchase and import personal shipments up to the value of $75 without customs or VAT charges.
Above this amount, there is an additional 17% of VAT charge.

“Personal import is defined as the import of goods that are meant for personal use, and that the imported quantity is reasonable for personal use”. (Customs Laws)

The items that are allowed for import include clothing, electronics, household goods, toys, food additives and vitamins, cosmetics, etc.

It is important to know: “Certain goods require presenting permits from the relevant authority when they are released from customs. For example, auto replacement parts, medicines, plants and agricultural products, etc.”  (Customs Laws)

When any doubt arises, it is recommended to verify, before purchasing the product, whether it is eligible for personal import. We do not handle special permits.

Just about anything! Clothing, shoes, vitamins, creams, toys, electrical appliances, judaica, gifts, books etc

Packages of any size can be sent.

Yes: Alcohol, tobacco products, dried meat, spices, aerosol, weapons. For a comprehensive list click here.

Chaviles offers two main options of pricing:
1. Special Deals.
– Egg Box ( )
– Suitcase (Maximum 45lbs)
2. Pricing according to dimension and weight of package. Click here for a quote from our Price Calculator.

The package can either be delivered to a convenient pick up point around Israel where it is picked up by the receiver. Alternatively, there is an option of home delivery for an additional 45NIS. 
You can use a regular suitcase, box, duffle bag or any well packed and strong bag.
There are 3 options:
1. Drop off the package at our warehouse. 120 Nassau Ave, Inwood New York
2. Bring the package to our drop off point in Boro Park. Click here for details.
3. Request Chaviles to arrange for Fedex to pick it up from you.

Deliveries are made within 10 working days from the time it is received by Chaviles.

Slight unexpected delays may occur because of Covid 19.

Any Package above the value of $75 is taxed by the Israeli tax authorities 17% of the total value. If your package is valued as less than $75 there is no Tax fee. For a comprehensive detail of relevant tax laws click here.

If your package is liable to be taxed, the tax will be charged automatically to your total Chaviles shipment bill.

Each package is measured by two parameters:
1. physical weight
2. dimensional weight
Calculating the weight of the package may be affected by the area the package occupies in the plane, and not only by the physical weight (kilogram).

Yes. Every item coming into Israel needs to have its value declared – irrelevant of its value or state of use. This can be done with a copy of the invoice or filling out our Declaration Form.

In the event that there is no available invoice or the items are used goods, filling out our Declaration Form is sufficient.

When presents or used items are shipped they must also be accompanied with an invoice for customs purposes.

The tax for presents that are shipped at no charge will be as per their actual value.

Personal import of used goods will be taxed as per their actual value taking into account their condition as used products. (Customs Laws)

For presents and used clothing, where the original receipt is not available –
a written statement can be sent that includes:
1. Name 2. ID / Passport Number 3. Package Description 4. Package Value

Important note: a used product is an item with no tags/price attached to it and which looks like it has real wear. Customs suspect packages that are declared as used and may detain the shipment in order to conduct a physical examination.

It is important when filling out the form to declare the amount of years of usage and the item's realistic value.

purchase price up to $75 – exempt from VAT (additional tax in the US are part of the overall price).

purchase price over $75 – must pay 17% VAT.

purchase price over $100 or over 5 pounds physical – must add the ID number of the recipient of the package.

purchase​ above $1000 – require particular custom release – 250 NIS

Customs computer fees: Up to $100 value no charge
$100-$500 – 18 NIS | $501-$1000 – 59 NIS | Over $1000 – 77 NIS

Lithium-ion battery handing – 13$


The Customs authority has the right not to accept the declared value and to conduct physical examinations,

that can cost the customer a lot of money. Please make sure to conduct only legal shipments.

Chaviles do not handle shipments that are shipped illegally!


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